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Sunnydale Elementary [entries|friends|calendar]
Sunnydale Elementary

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[06 Apr 2004|01:59pm]

[ mood | good ]

I'm better now. Okay still not 100%, but enough to go to school.

That is much to my dismay I must add. But there is one good. I get to see my friends again. I was out for about a week. They came off and on to see me.

Mostly Wills and Buff. Willow is working on trying to find out what made me sick, but I still think it was just a stomach flu. But she thinks something fishy is up and I trust Willow, so I'm gonna trust her.

Faith and I are back to goofing off during recess and since the class size has plumeted (which kind of adds fuel to the fire of Wills' theory), Faith and I have been having more fun with the class. Its the end of the year anyway. We graduate soon anyway.

Then its the Junior high years. That'll be awkward. School dances, harder subjects, and I'm willing to bet it'll be group divided than we are now.

Anyway, Willow thinks she's close to solving what's going on. This is kind of cool in a way. We're like the Scooby Gang in "A Pup Named Scooby Doo". Solving mysteries at a young age.

Just as long as we don't have to deal with monsters all is good.

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School's a major pain in my butt [02 Apr 2004|04:17am]

[ mood | moody ]

What's up at school? Half the class was absent yesterday. Now I'm not big on the showing up, but the rest of these dorks are, so how come they're suddenly all with the ditching? It don't make any sense. And if this is some fun we're almost big middle school kids now prank, how come I wasn't invited to be in on it? Dude, I am so the queen of troublemaking! If they wanted to pull on Miss W's leg, they should've asked me for help.

I'm no cry baby but I still feel wicked left out... even if the ditchers aren't my usual bunch. Red, T-Rex, B, X-man, and Special K were all at school. So was Warren, the freaky genius egghead, and the bimbettes. It's just everybody else who disappeared. What can I say? I'm bummed! At least Xander's back. I had nobody to play secret agent with without him around. We still bring our walkie talkies to school every freakin' day. It's the kick! We drive everybody up the wall with 'em.

Hunt's all grown up now. She isn't a big cat, but she sure as heck ain't a kitten anymore. It's kinda sad but I get that all kittens become cats and all puppies become dogs. I ain't that delusional. She's still a major player, though. I get her all kinds of toys all the time. Mayor Wilkins got me a $100 gift certificate to the pet store, so I'm always over there buying her stuff. She plays fetch just like a dog. Now if only I could teach her how to roll over and sit, it'd be all good.

In other news, we gotta take some big tests next week. I'm so looking forward to that... NOT! Just what I need is for some stupid test to tell me I've got a low IQ or whatever. They can shove it! I know I'm no genius like Red, but I'm not completely stupid, you know? I've just got like... I dunno, something that makes me think school is wicked boring and not worth my time. I'd rather be out climbing trees and playing cops and robbers than sit around in my bedroom doing my multiplication tables.

I don't know how Red can study and play. She's taking these tests wicked serious though, and isn't big on playing anymore. She's even forgotten about her food experiment so she can make sure she gets put in all smart classes. Big whoop for her. Hopefully me and Kennedy and the X-man can all be put in the dumb classes together. At least we'll have fun! We'll show 'em what middle school's all about. Besides, I've got the best boobs in class. I'm still the only one with a training bra. Rock on!

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I just want school to be over already! [31 Mar 2004|05:42am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Sometimes I totally hate living in such a boring small town like Sunnydale. My parents love it because they say it's a much better environment for me to grow up in than living in a city like Los Angeles or Hollywood. I'm just so bored lately.

I thought we would have something exciting happen if everyone got poisoned by the pizza, but geeky Xander Harris is all better and is back in school. How lame. He probably just had the flu and blamed it on the pizza for attention. Stupid boy.

We don't have much longer here at school. We just have our dance left and then our graduation ceremony. Next week we all get to take a bus to the junior high because we have to take placement tests to see how smart we really are and what level of math, science, english, and history we should be put in. I so hope Cordelia and I place the same! I would just die if I ended up in a classroom full of all those nerds!

I totally don't think I'll end up with Willow and Warren. Those eggheads will definitely end up in the genius classes where everyone has bad fashion, wears glasses, carries around those geeky pocket protectors and joins the chess club. But I also hope I don't get deemed completely moronic and be stuck with the rejects and wannabe class clowns like Faith and Xander. They will definitely be put in the classes clearly labeled Special Ed. I like to think I'm average. I get good enough grades to keep my parents happy but not such good grades that I can be labeled a geek too.

This summer I'm going to cheer camp! I totally talked daddy into shelling out the cash to send me! I will make the cheerleading squad! When Cordelia told me she had signed up, I just had to too! I so can't wait to go. They're going to teach us everything we need to know to become successful cheerleaders in middle school and then high school. I hope that Buffy Summers doesn't end up going to. She thinks she's so great but she's obviously a loser like everyone else.

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Plans [12 Mar 2004|08:22pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Xander is still sick, poor guy! I thought it was just a bug or something’ but it hasn’t spread around the class yet…which is strange and good - I hate getting’ sick! I think I should drop round at some point and see if he’s any better yet, I could take him some newer comics - that might cheer him up.

It could be food poisoning I guess, Willow wanted to check out the pizza and took some ‘samples’ of Xander’s vomit, which is …well...gross but the only way she says that we can find out whether it was a bug or just bad cookin’…and taking a look at the lunch lady, bad cooking might not be far off.

Does that women ever wash her darn hands? And has that apron EVER seen a Laundromat? Or detergent? I think a big stinky…no.

Faith and Kennedy are set to be super special agents by sneaking into the cafeteria and taking a few things for Willow to study, Buffy wants to help too in some way. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found rat stew or road kill burgers, truth is - anything behind the service counter is marked ‘No Admittance’ so just about anything could be going on there…I much prefer taking in my own lunch, I make it myself now you know…I’m allowed to choose everything, so long as at least one thing in there is healthy or green…so, apples…you can’t go far wrong with apples now can you?

I was thinking’ maybe I could do something to help, could it just be that the cafeteria food is just bad? I could try to make something to add to the food to make it taste better…Ooh or maybe I could use some of the magic Mamma’s teachin’ me…everything could end up tastin’ like Gummi bears! Now that would be cool…and I could make loads of green ones, they got to be good for you if they ARE green right?

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Check me out, I'm bad. [11 Mar 2004|02:42am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Oh man, it is so freakin' hot here again in the big SD lately. Times like these I wish I was back in Boston. We never could afford AC, but at least we only had three months of hot as Hell weather. It sucked... but now that I've been here the 'dale, I miss those days. Besides, back in Southie I spent every day at the quarry so the heat was no big. Sure it was a bitch and a half to try to sleep at night, but open a window and turn on a fan and it was decent.

I don't think opening a window will help here. There's no freakin' wind! What's up with that? Dude, I swear this place seriously trips me out sometimes.

I haven't heard much from the gang lately. Guess the X man is still recovering from his food problem. You know, sometimes that boy is such a freaking pussy. I've eaten bad food before and it took like, one or two days of barfing and then I was all good, back to school and everything. If it's taking two weeks to recover, I'm thinking that maybe it ain't just the school food. He must have a bug or something. Too bad Miss Scientist here is heck bent on proving that something's up with the cafeteria food.

I think the girl's got some serious problems, but whatever. As long as we're talking again, I'm good. Granted her science talk puts me to sleep right in my mashed potatoes, but still. I'd rather get that than end up sitting alone while the bimbettes poke fun at how I don't got any friends and don't dress good. The other day I flipped 'em the bird and they totally tattled on me! What a bunch of buttheads! Mrs. W. made me stay after school to write "I will not make obscene hand gestures" fifty times on the board.

First 10 I wrote said "I WILL make obscene hand gestures" and teach got so pissed that she erased 'em all herself and practically took hold of my hand and wrote the damn thing for me. Man, that was such a hoot! The guys should've been there for that. I was rolling, dude! I was rocking the big belly laughter and when I finally shut the heck up, Mrs. W. was looking like she could kill. Literally.

At least she didn't call my mom. I'm thinkin' she don't even got the number but I worry all the same. Mrs. W can't do much in the way of punishment other than detention. Mom can do a lot worse. I actually kinda dig the detention. It gives me something to do, you know? And keeps me from having to go home. Lately I've been big with the trouble and staying after almost every day. I'm trying to set a new school record. It'll be the kick! Faith: Kid with the most detentions ever!

I am so freakin' cool sometimes.

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What's up with the sickage around here? [29 Feb 2004|11:23am]

[ mood | worried ]

I haven't seen Xander much around in school and when I asked Willow about it, she said he ate some of Tara's pizza and he got a horrible tummy ache! Poor Xander. I wonder if I should go over there and try to cheer him up.

I don't really eat much of the school lunch, mainly because it just well, it doesn't look much in the way of appealing. I like my lunches mom makes for me. Then again I don't eat much of that either. It's just I'm never that much in the way of hungry really. I'd rather be out shopping or something.

But Willow said she was going to try to figure out what made Xander sick. Duh, isn't it the pizza? She looked at me funny when I said that. What? Okay so I don't have the biggest brain ever, but it seems kind of obvious to me! Bad pizza, makes bad Xander sick.

And then I heard Harmony ugh, the other day talking with her lame friends about how she ate some pizza and how now she's worried about if she gets sick she won't be able to go to some dance that the school is having. If you ask me she's got it all wrong. She doesn't understand the first thing about being popular.

Being popular, well, it's kind of like helping people to get what you want. I figure if I can help out my friends, maybe this will show everyone else that I'm really nice actually. Gosh, did I just say that?

I did, didn't I? Oh well.

I'm going to go and see if I can figure something out. Faith is probably better at sneaking around. I hate to ask her to help me do this, but maybe we need to help Willow figure out more what's in that pizza.

Because I don't like when Xander's sick. He's the only boy who actually took notice in me when I got here. Maybe if I get him better he'll thank me in his own way!

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Gross! [29 Feb 2004|03:48am]

[ mood | blah ]

Ew, so I hear that Geek Xander Harris went home sick because of the school pizza. It's all the geeks can talk about these days. God, are their lives really that pathetic that all they can talk about is Xander Harris throwing up? Ugh. Get a life, people! There are other things to talk about. Do you have any idea how boring it is to hear them shouting to each other in the cafeteria about it?

I'm kind of worried about me though. I mean, I ate the school pizza that day too! What if I'm dying? What if tomorrow I wake up and have some horrible rash all over my body that makes me ugly for the rest of my life? I totally can't believe this. I'm going to have our cook make me lunch every morning now. I would much rather have a brown bag full of healthy nutritious food than eat that disgusting greasy school food.

I'm still totally looking forward to Spring Fling. Yesterday Mother and I went to the mall to look at possible dress choices for me to wear to the dance. Mother says that I'm going to be the prettiest girl at the dance if it kills her. As if I even have to try! Cordelia is the only other girl who can even near my beauty. We are going to be the belles at the ball like in all those stories about princesses I used to read.

I just hope this stupid lunch food thing doesn't get in the way of my good time. That would totally suck! If it does? I will so get Daddy to throw me my own Spring Dance and only the cool people will be invited. I definitely would not invite geeks like Willow and Xander and Tara or hoodlums like Faith and Kennedy. I swear Cordelia is the only decent person in this entire school!

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Pizza is bad? [28 Feb 2004|12:00pm]

[ mood | full ]

Wow. Xander's out sick. Out sick because of pizza. No way, pizza's good! I think he just ate too much... which was funny because he swallowed Tara's pizza leftovers. But, they say that it's because there is something wrong with the pizza.

So now Willow wants Faith and me to sneak into the cafeteria and take a bag of pizza.. or something like that. See, the training is gonna be put to test. I don't know if I've trained enough to take down the cafeteria lady... she's the one in the hairnet and she's HUGE and smells like meat. I got lunch once and she growled at me when she put mashed taters on my plate. Gives me the shivers. But... wouldn't that be cool if I could actually take her down.. and.. not get eaten?

I'm about to finish 5th grade. I dont want to get eaten by the cafeteria lady before I leave elementary school.

I miss the guys. You know? I mean, I used to drag them to my place afterschool (even though they said they wanted to go home and do homework, but that's Willow). I just run home afterschool. It isn't cool to do that... just a habit I got. You know?

It isn't the divorce. That's way over with. I'm so over it. My family is so weird and messed up.

I'm going to get out more... I should visit Xander and lend him my gameboy, he must be so bored sitting in bed and puking.

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The X man is now the puke man [28 Feb 2004|06:29am]

[ mood | moody ]

Dude, so word is, Xander's at home wicked sick 'cause of the school pizza. Man, am I ever glad I can't afford school food! I mean, I steal a bite or two from the guys, but for the most part, I'm stuck with whatever crap I can throw together at home. Mom's been in a better mood lately, so she actually hooked me up with some bread and bologna. Wicked! Not as cool as those lunchables, but you know. I take what I can get. If I can get bologna sandwiches, I'm one happy camper.

Red says he's currently puking his guts out and looking kind of green. Damn, that really freakin' sucks. And yea, I said a swear word. Big freakin' deal. I still think I should be able to say whatever I want especially since this is my stupid journal that nobody, not even dear old mom can read. So there! I feel bad for the guy... throwing up is the worst. Remind me to never eat school food again, okay?

As if I'd ever have the funds to get some... but still.

I guess Red's supposed to play scientist or something and do a little investigating in the cafeteria. I told her that if she needs help being sneaky, I'm her girl. I did get us into the bronze that one night, you know? I know my way around places. School is about 10 times easier than The Bronze. I could do it easy. All I gotta do is sneak in through an open window and make sure nobody sees me when I make headway into the cafeteria. I can be a real life secret agent! Won't that just be the kick? Man, I'm so digging this idea.

Maybe Special K could help me out. Been a while since the two of us hung out. I don't get what her deal is. We used to be tight. Now she don't even invite me to her house anymore! I'm getting wicked annoyed by our lack of chilling together... but I guess she's gotta have a good reason for it. Miss J still asks me over to train and mentioned K was still having some problems with her parent's divorce. I never even met my dad but do you see me crying over it? NO! So she should just, you know, get the heck over it already. I miss my best friend!

In the meantime, I guess I'll go do my homework. This freakin' sucks that my life is so boring that I gotta do homework... for fun! Miss W sure digs it though. She keeps going on and on about how I turned over a new leaf. Huh? I didn't turn over any leaf! I climb trees sometimes, but I don't go around turning leaves over. Whatever. That chick is seriously weird sometimes. I don't get half of what comes out of her mouth sometimes.

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Xander's sick! [23 Feb 2004|05:57pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Okay journal this is so bad. Xander couldn't even come over yesterday because he was sick. Xander never has missed cartoons with me EVER on a Saturday!

He's never sick either! I'm not sure what happened. I called him and he sounded so pale and green. I mean not that you can actually sound that way I suppose, but he really sounded ill. So I took over some chicken soup, because my mom always says that there are good things in chicken soup to make you feel better. Like pencillin. I wasn't sure if Campbells had that but it seemed okay with the chicken and stars. I could be wrong.

So I go over there later on Saturday and Xander's in the basement kind of not moving. "Mom? I thought I told you no more oatmeal.." He's all curled in the couch. I could see him sweating. His little hair had done some curls. He looked kind of cute. All Xander like. And sick, but Xander. "Nope, sorry no oatmeal today, just some good chicken soup," I approached the couch with caution.

He sat up slowly. "Oh hey Willow, sorry I missed cartoons, what happened on Justice League?"

"Oh well you know Wonder Woman did this thing with her bracelets," and then I demonstrated mock blocking bullets "But then Batman had to save her cause she got captured and..it wasn't that great this week. Wonder Woman shouldn't ever need saving!"

"Will, they work as a team," he said sighing. "Without Batman, Wonder Woman would be lost."

"But still..Nevermind." I opened up the bag of chicken soup and handed him the thermos. "I brought you soup! Mom says it should help you to be strong again."

He pushed it away. "Ugh no, soup, not so much."

I frowned. "But Xander you always like my mom's soup."

"Not today Willow."

"Xander why are you all poopy feeling? What'd you eat?"

"Pizza, I had an extra slice of Tara's pizza."

I sat in the chair across from Xander looking at him, he looked like he was getting sicker by the moment. "Hey Xander, do you have any samples?"

He blinked. "Samples? Why do you want that?"

"Well, if there's any way to figure out what you're sick with, a microscope would be able to tell."

"Um, no, crusties unless mom didn't wash my sweater."

I looked at my paper bag. "I'll take my chances." I looked around for some tweezers and found some and went over to Xander's sweater and sure enough his mom hadn't washed it yet. Yech. I pinched my nose and took the little crumbs off it and scraped it into the bag. "Well I got enough for a slide."

"Willow what if it's just food poisoning? I mean that's what it is, right?"

I shrugged. "I don't know Xander, I'm not a doctor."

I got up to get going. I wanted to check these things out at the school. "Feel better Xander, I'll see you at school okay?"

He sighed. "What if I'm dying!"

I rolled my eyes. "You're not dying Xander. Trust me. Death is kind of creepy."

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*pouts* Im siiiiiick... [20 Feb 2004|09:51pm]

[ mood | sick ]

The day started out okay. Went to school...okay thats not a good start of any day. I'm not Willow. *Grins*

Buffy dropped her pencil and I picked it up and handed to her. She gave me this cute smile. I kinda like Buff. But same time still got tiny crush on Faith.

She just marches to the beat of her own drum not caring what people think. She makes us do stuff we'd never do. Thats' both cool and admirable.

Off track...anyways, it was lunch time and we were having pizza. Xandy loves his pizza. I finished mine pretty fast.

"Wow Xand," Tara said chuckling. "You practically inhaled it."

"I'm hungry," I said with my mouth full of pizza.

I noticed she didn't eat hers. "You want?"

She smiled and gave me her slice.

"Thanks Tara. I'll give you a Twinkie from my secret stash to even things out."

"No, its my pleasure Xander. Don't like pepperonni pizza too much."

Faith laughed. "What planet are you from? We're kids...we all love pizza. Its a must."

"Don't know Anget F," I said. I nodded towards Harmony and Cordelia. "Some are vegetarian and watching their pre-teen figures."

"That or too stuffy to appretiate the goodness of cheese on round bread," Willow said.

During recess Faith and I were playing Secret Agent again. Dr. Doom, the arch enemy we made up, was going to taint the water supply! Though after running around for a while I started feeling queasy.

"X? You okay? You look a little pale."

"F-fine Faith. Time out for a second."

I raced to the boys room. I stood over the toilet taking deep breaths, trying not to lose my lunch...until I did.

Knew I shouldn't have had that extra slice.

- Xand

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Just stuff [20 Feb 2004|12:59am]

[ mood | bored ]

Dude, check this! I've been so bored lately I've actually been doing... homework!

Can you believe it? I can't. I mean, it's homework! School crap that they make you bring home to ruin all the time you could spend playing baseball or goin' to the movies. This is seriously trippy. Man, I'm gonna turn into a geek if this keeps up. I hope the guys haven't noticed that I turned in stuff all this week instead crossing my arms and giving Miss W my smug know-it-all look.

I get good grades on it too. See, I told you I wasn't no dummy. Just 'cause I talk in slang and never do work doesn't mean I'm some retard. I'm just lazy and down with the Southie talk, you know? I'm a cool chick and cool chick's slack off and talk shit. So there. Only reason I ain't slacking off lately is 'cause I can only play so many videogames and games of catch with Hunt before I feel like I might go blind from the TV screen and strangle the cat. Man, I swear that cat think she's a dog. How many cats do you know that play fetch?

Mom and I haven't been talkin' much these days. I keep my door closed and she doesn't come breaking it down to blame me for crap I didn't do. I kinda dig us ignoring each other. It means I don't get beat up. She's been wicked dazed as it is lately and her arm has all these funny little dots on it. I think she's got the chicken pox or something. I got those back when I was 6 and had weird red marks all over my skin.

So I guess there's some dance thing coming up at school. I don't know if I'm gonna go or not. I should go just to spike the punch. Wouldn't that be a trip? I got tons of alcohol at my house. It'd be wicked easy to snatch a bottle and pour a little in the punch bowl. I'd love to see Cordy and her dumbass minions get a load of that.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up too. We're supposed to wear green or something. I'm rebelling and wearing ALL black. If anybody pinches me, they can get a load of my fist. I've got a wicked major case of cabin fever and when I get antsy, people tend to get hurt. I'm in the fighting mood. Man, what I wouldn't give to give some kid a bloody nose just for looking at me funny. I'd do it to Cordelia or Harmony, but that'd be too freakin' easy. I need somebody to challenge me, you know?

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I keep forgetting [08 Feb 2004|11:52am]

[ mood | lonely ]

If you're wondering what happened to me writing in my journal, I forgot about it. I know how bad of me! I should be punished for it. Or not. But the fact is mister journal, I've been busy trying to figure out how to fix the computer. It keeps making all these bleeping noises.

And not good bleeping noises either. Like the kind I don't like thinking about. Maybe it's infected with some virus. It wouldn't surprise me. My parents are always looking around here, I don't know what they think I'm doing. I mainly use it for school and that kind of scares me, because what if they find something? I mean I'm being good. I only hacked kept a few things private.

I haven't seen much of Kennedy around lately and Tara too. I think everyone forgot about leaving their houses except to go to school! Even Buffy's sorta disappeared. I hope everything's okay at home. She doesn't say much lately. I think her dad being gone is bothering her though she hasn't mentioned it. She only gets this moody when that happens. So that's my guess. And Faith? I haven't seen faith in so long! And Anya? We used to all hang out and now everyone's gone away. I hate that.

Xander and I have been spending more time together I guess. We still watch our cartoons and joke about things. It's nice, at least he hasn't disappeared.

Okay, no more disappearing! Everyone has to come around or you know, I won't be very happy. And everyone knows what happens when I'm not happy! I get all flushed and icky and it's bad, bad bad. So please, I wish everyone would just come around more and then we could all hang out like we used to.

That sounds wrong doesn't it journal?

Or maybe it sounds right. I don't know.

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This journal thing, not really digging it. [08 Feb 2004|11:44am]

[ mood | bored ]

Okay this journal thing? I'm still not quite understanding the concept of it. Like is it a place really to put your feelings down? I have a diary for that and really I was too busy looking at Justin lately I haven't had time to write anything down.

Dad left. He's been gone for a couple of weeks too. Mom says he's busy with work but he hasn't even called much. It's not fun really, the Ice Capades are still touring and he was going to take me. And now he's not.

Xander gave me a Valentine's Day present and so did Willow. It was really sweet of Xander to get me chocolate. It's like he totally knew how much I love the stuff.

Everyone's been kind of doing their own thing and I'm wondering what that is, because I haven't seen anyone too much around lately. I never thought I'd say how much I miss them all but I do. Sometimes it's Mr. Gordo and I and even I miss everyone. Maybe this week with St. Patrick's Day coming up soon we can have a party. I have to ask mom, but I wouldn't mind everyone coming over. We can wear green and look like elves!

Oh wait. Isn't it leprechauns? I'm never sure really, but one time I saw this really creepy and scary movie about them, like he kept wanting his pot of gold. Really I like the Lucky Charms guy.

I swear, this thing bores me so much. It's like what's the point in writing on this screen? I mean not like anyone actually reads it. Oh wait. Maybe someone does. I totally caught my mom trying to snoop around on here! All the more reason for me not to write in here! What if she finds my Justin Timberlake pictures! I'm totally going to ask Willow how to hide them!

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[07 Feb 2004|02:03pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I miss my friends.

I do homework with Willow after school until my mom picks me up. Apparantly having the whole day without me, she still needs me out of the house for a couple hours after school.

I miss hanging with everyone. Faith, Kennedy, Tara, and Buffy and Willow, all together.

Its like I hardly EVER see Kennedy outside school. I still have lunch with Willow and Tara, often making them laugh. Cause lets face it, its what I do. Tara's fun to hang out with, shy she may be, but still fun. She likes my dumb jokes. And I can always make her smile or blush. Sh'es a good friend. Just wish we could hang more.

Faith...she sticks mostly to herself. I love playing "Secret Agent" with her. Try to communicate with her with my walkie talkie. I just miss playing with her. She always pushes us to do things we'd never do. She gives us courage, least she gives me the courage to do stuff. I'd never have gone to the Bronze without her pushing. I'm gonna try to hang out with her more, cause my life is pretty dull without her negative influence. *laughs*

And there's the Buffinator. V-day, I gave her a cute card and chocolates. But still don't see her much. She likes me I think, hence the kiss on New Years. And she does smile around me a lot, but I'm hardly Justin Timberlake. Though how much respect can you have for a guy who revealed Janet Jackson's boobie.

Guess now Janet's not the only Jackson to expose themselves to kids.

We need our gang back. I love how much fun we always had together. It was the best times of the year us hanging out like that. I want that again.

- Xander

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Spring is near [07 Feb 2004|07:19am]

[ mood | bored ]

So Valentine's Day totally came and went. Now school is back to its boring drab self. I totally loved all the red hearts that decorated our classroom and the hallways. Now they've all been taken down and will soon be replaced with leprechauns and shamrocks. According to my girl scout leader, our troop has to help make decorations. Ugh! I am so pretending to be sick that day!

I mean, god, as if I, Harmony Kendall, would EVER put up decorations of stupid little green men! That's so something Willow Rosenberg and her band of geeks would do. Let her do all the strenuous work. The only thing I want to help with is our school's annual Spring Fling sort of dance but not really since even second graders can come to this.

It's more of a "fun" thing for the entire school to do together to bring in the spring. Doesn't the principal know that California only has one season and that's summer! Duh! I'm totally looking forward to it though because this is the year that we might actually start going on dates! Like, have a boy ask a girl and then we'll meet up at the dance and like, the boy will get the girl punch and we'll dance! Just like in Middle School and High School.

We're practically in middle school as it is. Just a few more month and we graduate elementary school and then there's summer vacation and then finally... MIDDLE SCHOOL!

I guess that's all there is to talk about really. My parents are probably going to start having their boring garden parties again now that it keeps getting warmer and warmer. I mean, as if 70 is so much hotter than 60. I told you California only has one season! Adults must like to fool themselves into thinking that some things happen when they totally don't. Adults are so weird sometimes.

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So...what's up? [06 Feb 2004|10:34pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Well Valentine’s is long gone now - I baked brownies for the whole class, I even put each person’s name on theirs with purty red icing. Okay so some of them went a little wonky…but you try writing on Brownies in icing for the whole darn class…Maybe the decorating with hearts was a little too much? Aww hell, I loved it! Baking stuff is cool…and I am one very sad and boring person.

Personally I think Cordeila and Harmony should have shorter names!…I mean Kennedy was cool with a big ‘K’ on her’s. Harmony just gave me a scowl, I guess ‘one’ does not shorten ‘ones’ name in any circumstances…far too common!

…Well it’s not like she HAD to eat it now is it? But she did, scoffed it back like a little piggy, where was the etiquette? She had crumbs round her face for at least half the day. Xander made jokes - it was a thing, Willow laughed so hard I was sure she was going to fall off her chair.

There was no heart break for me this year thank doodly, lets hope it’s a yearly tradition.

Well, It’s been real quiet at school, I’ve been working double hard…Father said that we could go visit our relatives back in the country in the Summer break If I work especially hard. I hope that means we can go say howdy to the horsies, I really miss them!

I haven’t seen the guys after school in a while. Maybe everyone just made new years resolutions to work hard. Still, I miss hanging around with Willow, Xander making me choke on my juice because he’s making the bread rolls dance with forks - Faith getting us into cool places like the Bronze and Kennedy showing us something new she learnt in training . But I guess to be real honest… I haven’t really made myself ‘Little Miss Available’ just recently…

…Maybe I should give someone a call, see if they want to come over.

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Life sucks then you die. [28 Jan 2004|02:01am]

[ mood | cranky ]

Been a while since I wrote in here.

Guess it don't take a genius to get that the reason I haven't been sitting my butt down to write is because there's freakin' nothing to write about!

I've been feeling wicked bummed lately. Nobody's really hanging out anymore. Guess everyone's busy or something. No clue what's keeping 'em away, but I wish we could go back to the way things were, you know? Nobody's really talking to each other and I just don't get it. What'd I do?


I can suck it up. If they wanna go all anti-social on me -- fine. Just freakin' fine. Not the first time I've been without friends. I got the handle on this sitch just fine. I can make my own fun. Plus I got all that cool stuff from Mayor Wilkins. He made sure I'll be entertained from now until forever! I got my playstation 2 and that's all need. I'm seriously close to getting to the last level in this one game too. I'm so the kick!

Hunt's gotten wicked big now. She's not all kitten-sized anymore. Not really adult sized either, but she's not tiny anymore. If the gang still cared about me, they'd be surprised I bet. She's been my buddy lately. I take her out with me when I go out on my adventures. She follows me when I sneak out the fire escape and go roaming around the alleys and stuff.

Yea, I know, I shouldn't be hangin' around in alleys after I got sliced and diced in one, but I figure I can't be scared forever, you know? I gotta get out there, do my thing again. Only problem is, there's not much to do other than look at old banana peels and pointy pieces of wood. Bummer.

This town sucks.

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[I'm such a slacker.. ;--;] [22 Jan 2004|06:09pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Valentine's Day passed. You know, I never really got into the whole pink-hearts-and-candy thing... well maybe the candy thing. I like the candy thing a lot.

Everyone got everyone little things for Valentine's. I thought I should give something this year [I was laughed at for giving stuff back in New York], so I brought little cards and stuff for everyone in the class... well not everyone. That dummy Harmony doesn't deserve one for being such a dork to me.

...But... Bruce told me to give something to her anyway... BUT it doesn't mean that I like her or anything. Nyeh.

So I had to be extra protector-girl to Dad... weird women coming after him... especially on Valentine's... Bruce said that he was an "eligible bachelor"... I said, "Pssh... he can be that but as long as he doesn't marry any of those weird women."

So... there's school. Not doing bad. Not doing bad at all.

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Valentine's Day [22 Jan 2004|05:48pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Okay journal, bad me again for neglecting you, but its' been really busy here! I mean okay so Valentine's Day passed and it was kind of cool. I mean all things considered, not that I'm really big on hearts and all but everyone liked the bulletin board that I put up! Ms. Wilkins said it was the best design ever and she said that she was going to actually take a picture and send it to the Mayor. See, I cut out all this red construction paper and then some really cool lettering saying, "Happy Valentine's Day" and then took some sparkles and some glue and got it all to stick. It was really bright and really pretty!

Then it was time to do the whole be my Valentine thing. Now journal, I totally didn't think about this, I mean who really wants to be my Valentine but I had to get things for everyone anyway. I got Buffy one of those heart starred t-shirts. She thought it was kind of cute and actually fashionable. And then I got Tara, a bracelet with little hearts on it that read with a tiny note that read, "Friends love each other." I know kind of silly, but she smiled anyway and all.

For Kennedy and Faith, I got them both little statues cupids with an arrows. I know really stupid but I thought hey, arrows! And Kennedy and Faith are learning how to use all of that so I thought it would fit. I wasn't too sure what to get Anya but I got her a little stuffed bear with a heart. I thought since she really doesn't like bunnies this would be better for her. And ugh I had to even buy Warren and Harmony things but I just got them cards cause really I didn't feel like spreading any love to them.

And finally for Xander, I decided to do something really silly. I bought a bag of those heart candies that read, "Be Mine" and wrapped them up in some little cellophane bag, with some red ties. I gave it to him and he smiled a whole bunch. I think he thought it was kind of funny.

So that was Valentine's Day. Everyone else got me gifts but I'm too tired to write about it now!

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